Goodbye shipping data chaos.
Hello 100% accuracy

Make your data work as hard as you do. Access price requests, buy prices and carrier data in seconds, not hours. That’s the power of Stargo.

Buy prices & routes collated and optimized.


Easy set-up, zero barriers to entry.

Proposal generated in seconds. Your clients choose what's best for them.

THE BIG DATA PROBLEM (and opportunity)

Unstructured data delays innovation, sales and efficiency

Access to information powers innovation, speed to revenue, and efficiency. Turn cluttered inbox data into centralized, actionable, and profitable insights. Automate your inbox to identify, retrieve, and organize all data within seconds, giving robust visibility across your freight - on command.

Losses are inevitable when freight is processed manually

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Losses in annual revenue
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Of employees don’t have instant access to pricing data
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Increase in inaccuracies and human error

Data Management: Freight’s Biggest Opportunity

"I think it was very interesting that Stargo’s realization is that you're not reading off documents and putting them into a spreadsheet. It's the rest of Stargo's analysis and the intelligence that goes into it." - Business Analyst Supervisor of a large freight company

"I really love what I'm seeing! What Stargo can do for my organization and for our salespeople is game-changing." - VP of Field sales for a large freight company

"It's the excitement that comes from the fact that Stargo has literally changed an industry and that doesn't come up too often in our lifetime." - CIO/CTO of a large freight company


From AI models to silver bullet

Stargo’s team of logistics, technologists and business analysts developed a platform that tracks and analyzes unstructured shipping data, compares optimal carrier pricing, routes and times, and manages operations and finance. Transform a costly blind spot (unstructured data) into the competitive advantage silver bullet.

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Optimized pricing and shipment automation in just one click

Increase sale win rates by 5% and decrease proposal generation costs by up to 94% when you harness the power of clean, structured data. Stargo seamlessly converts unstructured carriers’ pricing, price requests and bookings into proposals and shipments guaranteeing the best rates for your clients and the most optimal margins for your business.

Our Solution

This is the future of freight industry data

Wow. Big statement. But it’s true and we’ve got the data, case studies and stories to back that up. The question remains, what will the cost be to your company if you don’t join the revolution?

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Domain experts and Pioneers with 200+ years of experience

Our people are veteran experts at solving complex challenges. Pioneers in innovation, our team holds 200+ years of combined freight and logistics knowledge and have been leaders in the industry within global companies for over two decades.

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Join the many freight players already using Stargo and enjoying these benefits:


Improved deliverability


Decrease in sales cycle days.


Win Rate

So, what’s your profit margin potential?

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