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StarGo AI pricing for freight forwarders


StarGo AI PRICING ENGINE, delivers optimized proposals instantly utilizing machine learning and AI pricing capabilities digitizing the full process for all business use cases:

  • Domestic
  • International
  • Cross Border
  • NEW and Existing Customers 
  • New and Existing Routes 

360° of digitized process, in seconds. Covering air, sea, road, freight movements. From a price requests, bookings, into shipments within seconds – StarGo’s AI and machine learning engine would find the most optimal route, price, preferred carrier, and time.

Productivity, business gain, improve margins, through 360° – capabilities across the freight chain, driving additional shippers, satisfactions, with deeper insights into each shipper’s journey, would create the most optimal pricing results. 

AI pricing gives freight companies, flexible dynamic real time calculation, which will result in improving buying power, with carriers, on targeted segment, real time market trends, seasonal variations, and historical demand.

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