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StarDox for purchase and sales orders

StarDox is a state-of-the-art solution based on several layers of artificial intelligence, that enables the transformation from unstructured to structured data. The solution empowers users to automate the entire current manual process of maintaining all of their current prices and rates, being sent to them in various formats, in the Stargo solution.

The solution has a fully automated 360° digitized process, taking emails, word documents, excel and PDF’s, and converting it from unstructured data into structured. Airlines, shipping lines and trucker’s pricing, at any format, at any size, can be converted in minutes. 

Transformation of unstructured data sources – emails, PDF’s , excels, word documents, into structured data, allows organizations to benefit through to productivity gain, data enhancements, through AI and machine learning, reduce human error and re-work, announced end to end data accuracy, process document in many languages and formats, in minutes, with full analytics, and extensive insights.

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