An enriched data trail from price request to shipment. In seconds

Dependable operational structures support smooth supply chains. Data shouldn’t be treated any differently.


Here’s how we turn your data into a business lever for success:


No matter the source, language or format, extract it all
From email and excel, extract, cleanse and enrich all unstructured price requests, carrier buy price and bookings data.


Supercharge your data accuracy to 100%
Most freight companies operate knowing that their data is only between 40%-60% accurate. Machine learning and data enrichment, autocompletes missing information, ensuring 100% accurate data.

Dynamic Pricing Optimization

Optimized proposals in seconds
Decision-making algorithms calculate the most optimal rates and routes (air, sea and road) in seconds using your data.

Stargo at a glance


Data from various sources and unlimited format versions flood into Freight companies including, price requests, carrier buy prices and booking requests
Stargo’s Genessys technology extracts the data from any possible format, source and language
Machine learning algorithms autocomplete missing information, cleanse and enrich the data to achieve 100% accuracy
A.I -driven pricing engine determines best routes and optimized rates based on clean, structured data against existing historical data
Auto-delivery of quote for one-click approval
Booking Request automatically generated and directly linked to ERP and carrier
Stargo transforms commercial invoice data into import/export customs entry
200 m+

Individual prices in Stargo system

12 m+

Shipments in Stargo

14 k+

Simulated users

The Stargo Solution in practice

Price Requests

Life without Stargo

Your company receives thousands of different price requests from potential customers every day. Those requests come in many different formats, sources and languages (emails, excels, PDFs word docs etc). And your teams need to manually make sense of and input those data points.

Life with Stargo

Stargo automatically extracts all the pricing request data and autocompletes missing information and enriches the data based on historical shipping data and third-party sources. With clean structured data, optimized proposals can be generated in seconds.

Carrier Buy Prices

Life without Stargo

Carrier buy price data is overwhelming and cumbersome and takes in-house teams hours to determine the most efficient routes and best rates for clients. As a result, win ratios suffer because the first proposal received is usually the one that is accepted.

Life with Stargo

Based on historical data, government, third-party and your own historical data, Stargo is able to calculate the most efficient route and the most optimal rates for both your client and your seconds.

Booking Requests

Life without Stargo

Your team spends 50% of their time trying to manually prepare and organize booking requests between shipper and carriers. This is manual, tedious work that relies heavily on accurate data.

Life with Stargo

From origin to destination in just a few clicks. Once the shipper approves the booking received, StarDox can process data in any format, and transform it into structured enriched data, automatically including all the shipper or consignee's operational and financial data. The process requires no manual intervention, can create a booking request in seconds.


Stargo’s easy-to-use API allows your in-house team to build custom integrations directly into your ERP systems. We integrate with well known cloud-based software solutions and global banking partners to optimize your holistic freight chain solutions.

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