Industry Use Cases

Road Domestic Carriers

StarGo gives your business a competitive advantage by allowing you to offer clear, accurate and structured buy prices making it easier for your clients to select the option that suits their needs.

StarDox for Domestic Road Carriers

Turn your cumbersome price request and buy price data into structured data your clients can use to make faster, more efficient decisions on their routes and rates.

StarQuote for Domestic Road Carriers

Win more deals when you can generate optimized pricing, route and time proposals within seconds using our A.I pricing engine.

StarBoard for Domestic Road Carriers

A 360-degree view of your entire sales cycle giving you a granular and high-level overview of your revenue, profitability and cost reductions

StarPay for Domestic Road Carriers

Use StarPay to handle payments, so you get paid within 3-4 days of bill lading with no reimbursements.

StarDox Use Cases for Domestic Road Carriers

Making sense of all your data, so that you don’t have to.

Buy Prices

Prevent manual data processing! StarDox takes your overwhelmingly large volumes of buy pricing data and structures it so that your clients can efficiently determine the best routes and prices.

Price Requests

Your clients send countless price requests every day in different formats, sources and languages. StarDox structures, enriches and readies this data for automated proposal creation.

Booking Requests

Stardox allows your clients to seamlessly pass Booking Requests directly into your ERP system at the click of a button while also layering machine learning to fill in missing information, eliminating booking errors and manual intervention.

Get set up with our system in 90 days and secure the best margins now.

Imagine what your business would look like if you increase your margins by up to 62%
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StarQuote Use Cases for Domestic Road Carriers

Compare pricing based on optimal routes and rates.

StarQuote’s A.I and machine learning automates proposal creation using your buy price and price request data in seconds. The higher number of accurate proposals you generate, the more bookings you close!

StarPay Use Cases for Domestic Road Carriers

StarPay - 100% payment guarantee

StarPay ensures zero credit risk by automatically guaranteeing payment to the carrier within 3-4 days of shipment.

We’ll get you onboarded on StarDox within 30 days.

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