About Stargo

StarGo is evolving the way freight is priced and automated.

StarGo’s powerful A.I engine combined with extensive machine learning is digitizing and evolving the way freight, logistics and supply chain is priced and managed. Get the competitive advantage with StarGo and improve your productivity, accuracy and speed.

Comprehensive Compliance

We ensure complete data security. Your data is secured in your own private virtual cloud and protected by AWS layers, firewalls and specific IAM and KMS capabilities to ensure no one outside your organization can access your data.

Accredited Technology

Our A.I technology and deep learning methodologies have earned international acclaim and awards.

Voted Logistic Startup of the Month and Best AI Logistic Startup -Transmetrics 2019.

Uncovering a goldmine of data.

StarGo was born when founder and CEO, Joel Sellam saw the opportunity to disrupt the way freight is priced and automated. Sellam realised that forwarders and carriers sit on a goldmine of pricing, routing and shipment data, but this data lies scattered in invoices, documents, spreadsheets and emails. Sellam saw a better way to collate and mine all this data, and StarGo was born. 

From unstructured data to real-time insights.

StarGo’s team of logistics, technologists and business analysts developed a revolutionary end-to-end platform that makes it easier to track and analyze data, compare optimal carrier pricing, routes and times and manage and control the sales, operations and finance of your business, all in one space. Sellam saw a better way to collate and mine all this data, and StarGo was born. 

The result? Increased operations, better margins and less complexity.

And we are only at the beginning of our journey
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